Affiliate FAQ

Have some questions?

We have taken the most common questions our affiliate have and compiled them here for your reference.

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Question: Who is my main point of contact?

Answer: Your main point of contact is Hendrie Weisinger:

Question: What is my affiliate percentage that I’m earning?

Answer: 50%

Question: How do I track my link? Is there anywhere I shouldn’t put it or where it won’t track correctly?

Answer: You should put it everywhere, literally everywhere! Just kidding, don’t put it everywhere, but you should put it ANYWHERE it would be appropriate to talk about the product. You don’t want the “link” to become too “pitchy” or “salesy”. It’s important that the link or information about the product are always given in a way where people feel the value of it.

Question: Why do some people not get tracked?

Answer: No system on the internet is perfect, and affiliate tracking is no different. Our affiliate system is state of the art, and has been purposefully developed to accurately track users as they come from your link. However, it’s still leverages certain technologies (like tracking cookies, for example) that can be disabled by the end user. Typically it’s a very small percentage of people that have these “aggressive” security settings in a place (usually around 2 – 4% of all total users).​

Question: How often do I get paid?

Answer: Once every month.

Question: Who can join?

Answer: Anyone

Question: If I refer another affiliate, can I get paid for that?

Answer: Unfortunately no.

Question: Is there a commission cap?

Answer: No, for sure not! We would love to cut you a check for a TON every month, that would mean we are both winning together!

Question: Can I earn a higher commission?

Answer: 50% is the high

Question: If someone has an issue with the product, to whom do I refer them?

Answer: You should refer them to the Technical Support link on the footer of the site.

Question: Can I be an affiliate for more than one product with you? With you and other companies?

Answer: Of course you can!