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We are excited that you’re now on board to share this product with the world. This is your personal guide to navigate you through what it means to be an affiliate, how this affiliate system works, how you’re benefited, and how to get the most out of it.

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First Thing’s First.

Who you are as an affiliate.

  • Affiliates are an integral part of a many successful online businesses that practice authentic, human-to-human marketing. This system assures the integrity of product, much like a yelp review, or a referral. We want our guarantees and rave reviews to come from results-loving, happy customers and students! Your tribe wants to hear directly from you about the products and services in which you think they ought to invest. So, we’ve decided to create a way for you to earn for your influence.

Don’t know where to begin?

  • Your affiliate portal is your home base. Refer back to this place as often as possible! This is where you can track your sales, conversions, and the amount of affiliate dollars you’ve earned. We will be updating the content in the creatives section, too!
  • A thing on Paypal. We do all our affiliate payouts through Paypal. Paypal makes it very easy to issue and track payments. Here’s the REALLY important thing, you MUST make sure your affiliate paypal email (found at the bottom of the dashboard), is the same as your ACTUAL Paypal email. If you have any questions, please let us know!

PRO-TIPS and FAQs (We’ve got your back.)


  • Using a social media scheduling app is a fantastic way to save yourself some time in the promotion of this product by letting automation do some of the work for you! This way, you can remain focused on engaging with your current audience and just being YOU without feeling like a salesman all the time.
  • You might already use one, but if not, we highly recommend using Buffer!

Using Twitter

  • Twitter has been an incredible tool for a number of years when it comes to making announcements about the release of a product, blog post, or news of any kind out there in world!

Social Ads & Promoted Posts

  • If you’ve never launched a social ad before, then I am pleased to tell you that it is much easier than you might think! Both Twitter and Facebook ads can be easily set up for the promotion of this product.
  • A promoted post will also have more feed-staying-power and could potentially drive more conversions for sales of the product.

Making your own graphics

  • We fully support the creation of your own graphics for your social media posts and blog tags. A great online platform for making quick, beautiful, properly-sized graphics is Canva.
  • Remember to keep the product or brand logo in the graphic you make!

Using Video

  • We LOVE the use of video in online promotion and brand advocacy. This helps really put an authentic face to the story that the product’s brand is telling.
  • We know that this might seem like a hard thing to do as an affiliate and not the real face of the brand, but we’ve found a handful of ways that this works!
    • Examples:  If the course is about leadership, then a weekly mini-vlog about a leadership story, or how you’re applying what you’ve learned. If the course is about finances, share a video tip on spending wisely or how you’re investing. The course might even be about parenting or relationships, and you could feature these other people in a little lifestyle vlog from time to time! People want to see results and you truly can find ways to show them.

Contests and Incentives

  • Increasing buzz around a product is often best done when a tribe has been given a reason to engage! Incentivizing through freebies, contests, and challenges is an oft used tactic for getting a ton of people excited about the release or impact of a product. You can even give away one ticket into the course or a bundle! Chat with us; we’d love to hear your ideas for this.
  • We highly recommend using Rafflecopter for your social contests!

Using your blog

  • Your blog is a very key part of helping this product get out to the right people. If you have a blog, its because you’ve got something to say to people. In fact, you might have a lot of people that come to you just to hear your particular words. This platform can and should host everything your brand cares about and can advocate for products with which you’re affiliated.
  • Your affiliate portal features graphics you can host on your site, in your posts, via your blogroll or favorites list, or anywhere you see fit! Bonus: if you link to course in some of your blog posts and use that to social share, you can drive traffic to both YOUR site as a part of the marketing funnel.

Email Lists

  • In case you’re tempted to, don’t underestimate the power of an email campaign! Even if you’ve just got 20 emails on your list, an email drip campaign can be a very powerful tool. People in your list will especially see this type of engagement as highly valuable if you’ve send them an email that feels personal, like its just for them.
  • If you’re pretty new at this, you can even just shoot out an email blast once a month featuring a list of your favorite things (including the product you’re selling!) Mailchimp is a great, easy-to-use email campaign platform.