Performing Under Pressure – Business Edition: The eWorkshop Experience

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How do you perform under pressure? If you are like the overwhelming majority of individuals, whether it is giving a presentation, test, audition, sport competition, first date, crucial conversation, making an important decision,or having to think on your feet, thousands of empirical studies conducted in the US, China, Hong Kong, Germany, UK, and Australia demonstrate that pressure: Downgrades your cognitive success tools: attention, memory, judgment, decision making; Disrupts your psychomotor skills; Bends your ethics; Causes you to communicate ineffectively at home and at work;Creates emotional distress . In short, pressure is the enemy of your success.

Now, the seminar/workshop that has been conducted for numerous Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, mental health systems, professional organizations, and the inspiration and basis for The New York Times Best Seller, Performing Under Pressure: The Science Of Doing Your Best When It Counts the Most is available to you as a dynamic, engaging, accessible empowering E workshop that will enable you to:

  1. Perform to your potential –that is no guarantee you will be successful but for sure, if you do not do your best, you have little chance.
  2. Stop blowing opportunities that set you back –every time you perform below your capability in a pressure moment, you minimize the chances that you will advance on your chosen path. Pressure weeds you out. Unlike stress that sometimes is beneficial, pressure always works against you.
  3. Relieve daily feelings of pressure, feel less burdened, and feel more enthusiastic.
  4. Achieve greater success because the more consistently you perform to your potential, the greater the chances are you achieve your desired results.

In short, this eWorkshop helps you do your best when it matters most!


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